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Metal Stud Insulators

The smooth, round edges of polypipe or copper tubing and the sharp, pointed edges of a metal stud are like oil and water: they don’t mix very well. Without some kind of cushion, your customer’s pipes will rattle, or worse, succumb to galvanic corrosion, aka electrolysis. Metal stud insulators from Pipe-Tytes Inc insulate and isolate tubing, fit ½”,  ¾” and 1” copper or polypipe tubing, and are tough enough to withstand temperatures of 212° F. 

ET-5 Punch

Squeezing into tight spaces to cut into studs is murder on your hands. Pipe-Tytes Inc felt your pain, and rose up to the challenge with the ET-5 Stud Punch. With an extended throat that can cut up to 3-1/2” deep into the stud and an offset handle to get into tight places, this durable yet lightweight punch will move to the top of your tool box in no time flat!​


Hanging multiple lines of pipes on a single threaded rod is something you do all the time. So why does it cost anywhere from $8-$12 for one single rod and hanger? At Pipe-Tytes Inc, we asked ourselves that same question, and came up with an ingenious, money-saving answer: Add-A-Hanger. With up to 90% cost savings, and durable enough to run tubing through A/C chases, you’ll want to buy these by the dozen.

Toilet Kart

What single task puts most plumbers out of commission? Moving toilets. There’s no easy or dignified way to do it with your bare hands, but once again, Pipe-Tytes Inc has come to your rescue, with the Toilet-Kart! This labor and possible career-saving device attaches to virtually any make and model toilet in seconds, and makes transport and installation a breeze. They’re especially handy for wall-hung toilets. Your back will thank you, and so will we. 



Suspension Clamps

When you have to work against gravity or irregular-sized holes, Pipe-Tytes Inc’s Suspension Clamps can save the day, and your sanity. These durable polyethylene (plastic) clamps can be used in many applications to stand pipe away from wood or metal framing, and offer the added benefit of helping to reduce noise transmission and electrolysis. Available in ½,"  ¾," 1," 1¼," and 1½" sizes for copper or polypipe tubing.

Pipe Clamps

Violins, guitars and other stringed instruments make their distinct sound via the process of resonance. Water rushing through pipes sitting directly on wood or metal studs can produce noise in a similar fashion, and it’s anything but music to one’s ears. Pipe Isolators by Pipe-Tytes Inc completely surrounds pipes and eliminates any contact between the pipe and stud, so when your customers turn on their shower or faucet, they’ll hear the most beautiful sound of all: silence.

Pipe Shims

Fastening a ¼” pipe to a 1” hole in a wood stud is a math problem that’s easily solved with Pipe Shims from Pipe-Tytes Inc. In just 5 seconds, and with no special tools, your copper or polypipe tubing can be securely fastened, properly aligned, and your installation will look neat and professional. Like many of Pipe-Tytes Inc’s plumbing accessories, it has the added bonus of eliminating pipe rattle. Call today to place an order!

Orientation Tool

An accessory tool for the Toilet Kart.  If you need to install many new wall mount toilets, this will orient the toilet so that the Toilet Kart can attach to it.   Not necessary for installation of floor mount toilets as they are already oriented so that the Toilet Kart can grab them.

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