Specialty Plumbing Products: Toilet Kart, Add-A-Hangers, Pipe-Tytes, ET5 Metal Stud Punch, Shims, Isolators, Clamps

Happy customers = happy plumbers

As a plumbing contractor, you’re no stranger to hard work. You’re also no stranger to high expectations from your customers. So when one of them calls back and says they can still hear their pipes rattling, you could A. say it’s not your problem or B. call Pipe-Tytes Inc  and get solutions! Since 1978, Pipe-Tytes Inc has made and sold specialty plumbing products throughout the USA, all designed to solve the most frustrating problems faced by contractors and consumers alike. Whatever has you stumped, chances are, Pipe-Tytes Inc has a tool or device for the job.

Solving your problems is our problem

At the heart of any business is a desire to fulfill a need. At Pipe-Tytes Inc, we saw a need for specialized plumbing products that rendered plumbing more user-friendly, and enabled plumbing contractors to do their jobs more efficiently. Since we opened our doors, we have made a name for ourselves by being the first to introduce labor- and time-saving products to the industry at large.


If you’re a plumbing contractor, or plumbing supply wholesaler, a relationship with Pipe-Tytes Inc can bring more loyal customers in your door, and put money in your pocket. Call today to find a distributor near you!

We’ve got your back

Did we mention that plumbers are some of the hardest-working folks in the country? It’s a point that bears repeating, and Pipe-Tytes Inc takes a tremendous amount of pride in offering products that take some of the strain off. The ET-5 Punch, for example, can cut holes into metal studs up to 22 gauge steel and features an extended throat that cut into tight spaces easier. Our Toilet-Kart makes moving any make and model toilet a breeze. We design our products with functionality and ergonimics in mind which helps to take strain off of your back, legs, and knees. With 24/7 customer support, you can rest assured that someone is always here for you.

Metal Stud Insulators


ET-5 Punch


Toilet Kart

Suspension Clamps

Pipe Clamps (stand off)

Pipe Shims

Wall mount Toilet Orientation Tool

All products proudly made in the USA


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