Four decades of dedication – and counting!

When Pipe-Tytes Inc opened its doors in 1978, we did so with two goals in mind: 1. to manufacture and sell quality plumbing accessories that helped plumbers do their jobs better, and 2. to provide our customers with the support they need when they need it. Forty-five years down the road, we’re still here, and still setting ourselves apart from the competition in all the right ways. Call our customer support line and put that to the test today!

American proud, American Made

When you buy anything these days, you can’t help but wonder where it was made or who made it. When you buy plumbing items from Pipe-Tytes Inc, you can rest assured knowing that our products are made in the USA with quality materials by loyal employees who take pride in a job well done. 

Your success is our success

As a plumbing supply wholesaler, helping people solve problems is par for the course, but ultimately, you’re in business to make money, too. Pipe-Tytes Inc can help you achieve a variety of plumbing solutions, which in turn benefit your customers. Call our corporate offices in Vero Beach, FL to order samples, product literature or displays. 

The department heads of Pipe-Tytes, Inc.

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Jack Decky
Master Inventor & CEO

Lorraine Decky
Chief Financial Officer

Angela Krause
Customer Service

Quality Control

Barry Blinco
Shop Manager

Murray Krause
Head of Security

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